Gallery Named in Critic’s Top 5

Central New York art critic Katherine Rushworth named Contemporary Gallery number 4 on her Top 5 list of art shows and events of 2008 for her Dec. 28 article in Syracuse’s Post-Standard.

“No. 4: The short-lived, but memorable, Contemporary Gallery. The gallery opened in a vacant Harrison Street storefront June 11 and closed a couple of months later; but while it was open, it created a definite buzz. The gallery’s brief presence offers a great model to anyone looking for a low-risk, high-reward way to step into the gallery world. Organizers Courtney Rile and Roslyn Esperon featured works by local artists in a user-friendly environment; offering visitors an overstuffed chair, magazines and even a cupcake or two. It might be the Barnes & Noble model of the art world.”

As you can imagine, we are very pleased to be on the list!


One response to “Gallery Named in Critic’s Top 5

  1. Congrats!!! I would just like to get an opportunity to get on a list.LOL
    Peace and Love in the 09

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