Gone but not forgotten

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true.  The gallery has come to an end.  August 1 was our last day.  Yes, I will miss relaxing in our lounge, eating Roslyn’s chocolate snowtop cookies, looking at art books and admiring the playful art on the walls.  It was a lot of fun and hard work and at the end we have both decided we would do it again.  We’ll see how the cards fall next summer….

In the meantime, the gallery lives on in the media, in a gallery catalog that is currently in production, in a seed fund for future galleries (currently only my $50 contribution, but hey it’s something), and on this website.  Please let us know if you are interested in a copy of the gallery catalog ($20) by emailing rile dot courtney at gmail dot com.

Thank you to all who have participated and supported us in our endeavor! Including…

J.F. Real Estate
Bill Delavan
Maryellen Casey
Daniella Mosco-Wozniak
Aunt D
Dean Potter
Anyone who put a cash donation in our jar
Everyone who bought art from us!!
John Craddock and the Syracuse Int’l Film Festival
Tomomi and Christian of Roji Tea Lounge
Theresa and Jen of Razzbarry
Reggie Sanford
and many others…. 

Thanks!  Stay tuned for info on the gallery catalog…


p.s. In a previous post I committed to buying a piece of art from the gallery… For the record, I bought Tijana Djordjevic’s nose-picking plate.  It’ll always remind me of the gallery.


2 responses to “Gone but not forgotten

  1. hi we met in beacon saturday you are a very inresting young lady filled with energy i like what your doing and what you have done best john

    • Hi John! Thanks for taking the time to look at our sites! I enjoyed our conversation in Beacon very much. I am glad to have met you!

      All the best,


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